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Ruthrauff/Ina Expansion will Impact Cyclists

Wayne Cullop  | Published on 5/29/2021
Cyclists may not be aware, but ADOT has begun planning for a major project along I-10 between Ruthrauth and Ina starting in the second half of 2022. The replacement of the bridges will impact cyclists especially at the Rillito and Santa Cruz juncture. ADOT has become more sensitive to the concerns of cyclists learning from the INA loop closure and the Ajo interchange projects. ADOT is aware of how critical the I-10/Loop underpasses are for many bicyclists and pedestrians. One of ADOT’s goals of this project is to avoid long-term closures of the Loop whenever possible. However, there will be some activities during construction that require closure of these facilities for safety reasons. ADOT hopes to keep closures to less than 10% of the construction schedule. To minimize any impacts and inconveniences, they will publicly advertise planned closures well in advance to hopefully avoid any surprises.