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Bike Theft Continued

I was asked by the Tucson Police to pass on information that may help in case of a bicycle theft. First priority is to know the serial number of your bicycle which can be found on the bottom bracket of your bicycle. Take a photo of the number. In case of emergency most of us locate our original sales receipt, which may or may not have the correct number. Retailer receipts may say serial #, stock #, item # etc. However, that number maybe the serial # from Specialized or Trek and not your specific serial #. Second priority is to register your bicycle with Foundrop is for individuals and businesses, FREE of charge. Log anything of value with serial #’s and photos. Also, if there are specific characteristics to your item list that as well. The nice thing about Foundrop, the only time law enforcement can see the contact information you provide is when they have a serial numbered item in hand, or if you flag one of your items as lost or stolen which pushes that item into the Foundrop law enforcement is another site to list bicycles. 

If your bicycle has been stolen, immediately make a police report by going to the police station with the serial # of your bike. Make sure the police know what sites your bicycle is listed under. Go to the sites your bicycles are listed under and mark them as stolen. You may consider contacting to put them on alert. 

Another suggestion is for everyone to thoroughly research your homeowners, renters and car insurance policies. Policies are written in ways to stop them from actually having to pay a claim. For example, if your bicycle was stolen out of your car, whether near your home, in a parking lot, and there was no damage to your car, the insurance may call the theft “a mysterious disappearance” and deny your claim. I encourage you to find out exactly what “contents coverage” means for your policies. Whether things were stolen from your car, garage, inside your home etc. Maybe you can prove you have an anti-locking device on your car that locks the car within 90 seconds, then the insurance cannot imply you left the car unlocked. Some policies require expensive bicycles or other things have separate policy riders. Be proactive and have the coverage you need to feel protected.

In my case, I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams that my bicycle was recovered by accident. I am happily riding again and enjoying every moment I spend on my bicycle.